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I read the manual yesterday and had lots of "Oh wow, I never new I could do that!" moments :) One of them was that I had somehow missed that I can use project and context abbreviations when emailing myself tasks. As I don't know the abbreviations for all of my projects and contexts, and sometimes don't even know their full names perfectly I've been mostly emailing just emailing actions and dates, then sorting out contexts and projects when I get back to my Mac.

So... is there a way I could print out a list of projects and contexts, along with their abbreviations?

That way I could print it out and stick a copy on the monitor of the non-Mac I most often have to use. Ideally I'd also print a tiny copy to stick in my wallet for when I want to send myself tasks from my phone.


P.S. I miss the constant updates of the pre-1.0 days, it was fun having new functionality creeping in each day and it made me review my process each time I saw something new which I thought might help.