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Originally Posted by FredH
In an old review for OO on MacDevCenter and a few other places, they show a Keynote export icon in Preferences, has that been removed? I don't see it. (I'm running OO Pro 3.6)

I'm trying to export an outline into Keynote, I have a Level 1 title, with several Level 2 subtitles and then children under those (I assume I should be able to get all of this into Keynote and then change the level of hierarchy if necessary). I tried selecting the top level in the left pane, and then the Level 1 title, but either way it seems to be exporting only my first Level 2 subtitle and its children. Hopefully that makes sense, any idea what I might be doing wrong?
We've chosen to simplify our Keynote export system and that meant removing the ability to select your theme before you exported. Now OmniOutliner exports your data to a plain Keynote 1 file and so you'll need to select your theme once it's opened in Keynote.

We did this to try and future-proof our Keynote export system instead of trying to keep playing catchup with Apple and their ever-changing never-documented Keynote file format.