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If I understand correctly, stalled means projects that only have next or available actions in the future (are there other things that can be stalled?)

What I want is a filter for actions (more than projects) that will let me do a quick review of "invisible" actions that may actually need to be done now. This is part of the "losing stuff in OmniFocus" issue.

For instance, sometimes actions are in a sequential project or folder, which seemed right at the time it was created, but some action that I am stalling on doing for some reason has blocked actions after it that maybe have become more important. Or maybe I put something in the future, but in fact it really should be something I'm thinking about now.

Of course, I can just display all actions, but it would be better for me if I could display and look over only the subset of "disappeared" actions with the mental attitude of "Keep an eye out for anything that should be visible."