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Originally Posted by FredH
I'm still trying to figure out how much it makes sense to do some outlining in OO that will become a Keynote presentation, or to do more of it in Keynote itself.
I do this all the time. If you are going to want to re-purpose the content of the presentation, it makes much more sense to put it all together in OO, as you have much better export options.
Unless I am really pushed for time, I prepare all my lectures in OO, which I then export to Keynote, set the theme and do any necessary tweaking. I also export the contents to RTF which I can then edit in Nisus Writer Express as necessary before dropping it into InDesign to produce a printable version.
If you go straight into Keynote, the only text export format that you have is PDF and what you get is every slide as a separate page, or a number of slide thumbnails on a page. If you want to repurpose it, you need to extract the text from that into an editable format like RTF, ... much more laborious.