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First of all:
graffle is one of my bread&butter app!
I rely on omnigraffle

after several install, a clean install of ML with Data Loss, hours of backing up systems, no sleep,..........i found this post:

ok, and this seems to work, thx to Lynotyp an a work arround for their app

"There is a problem with Mountain Lion in connection with older Apple system collection.
If you should delete this Omni Graffle is running back".

They can be found here:

Go in the Finder menu "Go" and hold down the "alt" key.
Go to the "Library".
Here you will find a folder "Font Collections".
"Font Collections" and select by holding down the "ctrl" key to select "Font Collections compress" option.

You could now try the collections (single) and try to delete the FontExplorer X.
If you have found and deleted the corrupt collection, you can restore the other if desired.

Sorry Support Hotline, sending you dozens of emails
I'm sticky ;-)
Berlin, Germany

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