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That's true, Dale. However, not everyone has a phone number; and it would be even more convenient if I could type a name and then either press a hotkey or perhaps even do nothing and have it auto-match to address book entries and link to one of them.

What I'm really driving at is the ability to just enter "Call Fred Bloggs" and know that on my phone I'll be able to open Fred's address book entry with one tap. I don't really want to have the additional step of opening the address book first to get the phone number and then going back and pasting it into OF.
1) Maybe I misunderstood. I was answering in response to a "Call X" or "Phone X" task. Your response to this was stating not everyone has a phone number. While this might be true in some cases. Questions could be asked regarding the action being described to "Call X" whom does not have a phone number as incorrect and potentially misaligned to what your context is to complete this task.

2) I do not own the application 2Do, but what I can tell from the website is the "associate to contacts" feature is part of a tagging implementation within the application. The contact information is associated to the tag not the task. I would argue similarly as you do with the extra effort my suggestion costs you to simply open the address book to copy & paste a phone number, the maintaining of an entirely extra custom tagging scheme is much more time consuming than simply adding to the note field.

3) I agree with whpalmer4. The way iOS 6 & OmniFocus have integrated Siri, many of your concerns with identifying a contact's information have been resolved by asking Siri to call, text or email a contact.