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I've been playing around with Things today, and I see they have a feature that is more or less what I wanted from "Mark as Reviewed"
I've tested Things extensively (see comments here) and I'm convinced that its "Today" collection is really nothing more than another way to flag actions and projects, which you can do in OmniFocus as well. Except that OmniFocus' flag feature is more flexible because it's not limited to meaning only "Today". It's a marker that can mean anything you want.

But I happen to use it similarly to Thing's "Today" collection, but my flags actually mean "in the very near future".

Each morning, or sometimes during my weekly review, I flag items that need immediate attention while I'm browsing in planning mode. I then have a perspective in context mode that displays only my flagged items, providing me with a nice, short list of the most important actions.

The Review feature in OmniFocus is really intended for something different than what you're doing. The Review feature is designed to support David Allen's concept of weekly reviews in GTD, as jonwalthour described above.