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Actually, using the inspector, you can have projects show up at the top of your review list much more regularly than once a week. It seems to me that the function is meant to be much more flexible than you imply. And again, I don't think saying "it's for the weekly review only" really explains why every single action should be treated as belonging to the same project during a weekly (or daily or whatever) review. The arguments I've seen so far actually seem to be arguments against using the "Mark as Reviewed" function at all, not against having OF treat actions on a single action list as single action projects. But I like the "Mark as Reviewed" function; I just don't understand why it behaves the way it does with single action lists.

In any case, I am finding Things much more intuitive in this and a number of other regards. I think I will stick with it for now, and maybe revisit OF when the battling iPhone apps come out.

Thanks for your help.