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If your eyesight is really, really good, you could tell OP to fit it all on one page! :-)

Maybe your outlines are much narrower than mine, but looking at the proposed printouts in Preview of the projects I had handy, it seemed like the page count would go from merely too much paper to obscene if the outline was reprinted on each page. But if you are just interested in a section of the timeline, you can set OmniPlan's printing scope to just that section, and include the outline next to it on the page. In the Print dialog, select OmniPlan on the selector labeled Copies & Pages, then use the Cropping section of the dialog to pick out a suitable chunk. Make sure it is only 1 page wide, because only the first page gets the outline. If you really needed to go through your entire chart, this would be a headache, but not impossible.