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Update, I think I found what I was doing wrong. On the Status Filter, I was filtering by "Due or Flagged", which ended up dropping a lot of my items. When I changed it to available, they all showed up again.


I'm new to OmniFocus. I'm feeling quite organized, but I'm having a problem that I can't figure out and I can't find an answer to.

If I switch to the default "Due Perspective", I can see all actions that are due in the next few days. Except, for actions that don't have a project (moved by default to Miscellaneous). Those actions have a context, they have a start date and end date, but they don't have a project.

I'm simply trying to see every action that is due soon, regardless of whether it belongs to a project or it's a single-action item. Am I doing something wrong?

The Due perspective should work as you want, with a caveat: there's a setting in your preferences for how long you consider "Due Soon" to cover, with allowable values of 24 hrs, 2-5 days, or a week. The default value is 2 days. The Due perspective doesn't show you anything due beyond that time period, so if your items that were missing had a due date 3 days in the future, for example, they would not appear until a day had gone by, assuming you hadn't changed the Due Soon value from its default. It also doesn't show you anything that doesn't have a due date (either set explicitly, or inherited from the parent).

The Due perspective should show remaining actions in any remaining projects, including those that got moved to Miscellaneous.