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I'm confused. Your original post is about listing multiple actions for a project. Your reply to Bill is about editing the note field of an existing project. Those are two completely different thing in OF. Subsequent actions are their own items, not notes of the project. Here's what it looks like to do project planning in the quick entry window:
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To do that, I hit the quick entry hot key, typed the first item, hit Command-' to add the note. Then I hit Command-] to add the first child and entered its info. Then I hit Control-return to add another line, and so on. Note that the exact behavior here depends on your settings for the OF preferences pane.

I don't actually ever use QuickEntry this way. Instead, I would just brainstorm those actions, using multiple invocations of the QuickEntry hotkey to add four separate items to my inbox. Then I'd organize them into a project later when I was emptying my inbox. If I'm doing serious project planning, I might open the OF inbox and do it there, or even do it in the project tree of OF itself.