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yes, I did. when editing the title of the next action command' let's you edit a note for the NA, I'd like a similar ability to add a note to the project in the quick entry window.. if you can do this perhaps you'd let me know exactly how
You cannot use the Quick Entry window to edit the name or note of a project (or action) which already exists prior to opening the Quick Entry window. That isn't an interesting case, so let's discuss creating a new project, which is.

If you are creating a new project, you have two options:
  • Type the actions in the Quick Entry box, and create the project by filling in the project name and pressing cmd-return. (I think this is what Aiwen is doing)
  • Type the actions in the Quick Entry box, using the outlining commands and drag and drop to structure it as an action group (nested actions), then from the Inbox, either outdenting or dragging to the desired spot in the sidebar. (My preferred approach)

The first approach is quite similar to adding actions to an existing project with the Quick Entry box. It has some inconveniences compared to the second approach, however. They include:
  • No ability to add comments/notes to project during creation
  • No control over where the project ends up except by manipulating project again
  • Need to enter project name for each action
  • Need to manipulate project again to set parallel/sequential execution

The second approach allows you to add the comments while creating the project, only requires you to specify the project name once, and because everything goes through the Inbox, you have a single place to go to grab the project for any final tweaks (such as the parallel/sequential attribute) prior to putting it exactly where you want it in the sidebar (by dragging). You can also use the same technique directly in the Inbox to avoid a lot of typing of the same project name over and over when converting a bunch of actions into a projectójust make the "project" action, drag the others under it, then convert to a project by outdenting or dragging to the sidebar.