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Any hints on how to get this running on 10.6.8?
Sorry, it's not possible. Quoting from my OmniWeb status update of April, 2012:

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This new build of OmniWeb requires some new technologies which are being introduced in Mountain Lion, so I'm afraid it won't run on any currently shipping operating systems (such as Lion). OmniWeb 5.11 will continue to run on older operating systems, of course.
Long ago, we requested API from Apple which would let us build our own NSURLProtocol handler for HTTP requests. Apple implemented this new API in Mountain Lion (OS X v10.8), and this is what has made it possible for OmniWeb 6 to switch to using the system WebKit rather than embedding our own custom WebKit. Since this was a major change in the OmniWeb's underlying architecture, and since that API simply didn't exist prior to 10.8, it's not possible for OmniWeb 6 to run on earlier operating systems. (That's OmniWeb 5's job!)