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Hmmm... is it possible that there was a tap-hold on Errands, and "Focus" was selected from the contextual pop-over that appears? If so, switching away and then switching back should resolve that...

Only other thing I can think of is that the perspective accidentally got edited on the Mac, and the "Focus on: errands" setting got synced over that way.

If neither of those explain what you're seeing, can you send us an email? Taking a look at your databases on both devices may help us figure out what's going on here...

I'm really sorry for the trouble this is causing!
Brian: you seem to have fixed it for me. I went back to the Mac and switched back and forth with the equivalent Perspectives and they did seem to focus on the Errands Context. However, I could not see how that Focus was set, nor could I figure out how to eliminate that Focus. So I deleted the Perspectives and re-created them after first making sure I'd use the Perspectives -> All Items menu item first. When I sync'd the Mac, then the iPad, the old Perspective disappeared, then new ones appeared, and they had global focus.

So, thanks for helping with that.

But how did the narrow focus get embedded in the Perspective that I created on the Mac side?

Thanks, David