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A “Save Workspace” command/feature would be very useful.

I can’t tell you how many times OF has opened and not restored the windows the way I’d set them up. Usually I have 3 windows open, carefully arranged across my two monitors. Usually there is no problem, but every now and again ... probably 20/30/more times since I’ve been a user ... it will only restore one of the windows when I open it, and I have to tediously recreate and reposition the other window views. A save/restore workspace command that would put every window back exactly as it was would make this a cinch. This has been a problem for me both at work and at home, since I have a similar setup at both locations.

(Recreating the window setup is especially tedious due to the window size creep bug, wherein windows on my second display would get vertically smaller each time the app is closed and reopened, unless they are exactly the height of the display; not sure if this is now fixed or not.)

I can also think of creative uses for such a feature, such as having various workspaces for various purposes that could be quickly restored or switched between. For example, a person might have a "Weekly Review" workspace setup with multiple windows, or a "Quick Overview" workspace setup, etc.