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When I first set up my OmniFocus workflow, I decided to use single action lists as "bins" to categorize my projects and actions according to areas of responsibility. (I chose to use SALs instead of folders mostly for convenience - when creating a new action, it's easy to file it in the right SAL from the keyboard. With folders, you have to drag the action to the destination folder.)

Mostly, this strategy has worked well. But lately, I've noticed that even if I set my SALs not to be marked as completed when the last action is done, they get marked this way anyway without any input on my part. I keep unchecking the box "Mark complete when completing last item" but it keeps getting re-checked when I look a day or two later.

I'm wondering if this is expected behavior or a bug. If the former, I will have to re-think my strategy and convert all my SAL bins to folders, which would take a lot of time.


PS: I will email support about this as well.