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I just got an email from the IT department at my university informing me the WebDAV/fileserver that hosts my sync file went down this morning and will continue to be down until late Sunday night. They're also making no promises on restoring my data. I don't have any idea when my latest sync happened - probably when I left work Thursday evening. I typically do my weekly review on Saturday mornings, so this is causing me a bit of anxiety.

I need some advice on how to continue to get stuff done while my WebDAV server is down. I use syncing with my work computer and my laptop, so there's no iDevices involved. Both machines are up to date with the current full point releases of OmniFocus (not betas).

? Should I keep working on Onmifocus on my local machine and ignoring all of the sync errors?
? Should I disable syncing until I get a message from IT that the WebDAV server is available?
? Should I keep some special backups or additional backups in case my .ofocus file on the DAV isn't restored on Sunday?
? Should I do my weekly review, knowing full well that I'll add a bunch of new data, delete some old data and update pretty much all of my projects?