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Thanks for your comments. In order to follow up on my outcomes, I did work on one machine throughout the weekend, including my weekly review. When the WebDAV server came back online on Sunday night, I was able to sync everything back to the server. Then, when I returned to my job on Monday morning, OF recognized the server copy and the local copy were very different and asked if I wanted to use the local copy or the server copy. I overwrote the local copy with the server copy and VOILA! Everything is back to normal.

I guess the important points from my experience were:
- If the WebDAV server goes down, restrict OF work to one machine.
- Once the webDAV server is back up, sync the one machine you've been working on first, then sync all of the other machines.
- I'm glad, in this situation, that I wasn't working on an iDevice, so that factor wasn't involved in the process. This would have been more difficult with >2 devices syncing to the WebDAV.