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Originally Posted by cpcabral
Really, I mean, as far as I am concerned, this whole OmniWeb crappy browser issue is water under the bridge. I am done and over with it. Lesson learned: I will NEVER, EVER AGAIN, buy software from some startup company based on false advertising. Enough said. And I will not come back and check for any replies to this either. So, go wild and bash me for all I care!
Don't forget that patience might pay off here. After all, OW5.6 is on its way, and your upgrade is free.

That said, I'm using Safari often these days (as I am now) because OW uses up too much CPU. Nevertheless, I want to support this browser because its success benefits me.

I used to be one of the people who was regularly filing bug reports for Firefox, Mozilla, etc., back when it was a piece of crap, unstable browser. Well, lo and behold what became of Firefox. So, don't think this is all for naught. Be patient. Just as we successfully pushed Microsoft out of the Mac browser market, we will probably force all the other browsers to improve, as well.

Omnigroup is not a startup. It's a small company, and if it weren't for small companies and free projects like Firefox, ALL you would have would be crappy software. Supporting Omnigroup is really a matter of putting your money where your mouth is.