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I've noticed unpleasant bug with location-based tasks. If you set up task with location-based context AND assign it start day in a future (e.g. "call someone" with context "home_leaving" and starting tomorrow at 9.00) - it doesn't work at all until you start OmniFocus in iPhone AFTER start day time (after 9.00 in this case). It means that location based tasks can't starts in background automatically - there is no geofencing icon appears after 9.00 until you start OmniFocus manually. In the same time the tasks with certain due date and start day (not location-based) starts in background and make signal even OmniFocus is switched off.
Maybe I do something wrong, but I tried several times with the same result: location-based context tasks don't start in background automatically and I had no alert in every case.
Does anyone has noticed the same problem? I used to use Reminders for this, but doesn't allow you to set up the start time for the such tasks and starts to monitor my location right after entering. But what if I need be notified only (for example) the next morning - why should I lose battery power through the night? In this case OmniFocus start date is a solution, but unfortunately it doesn't work.

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