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I usually work around four contexts: Home, Work, Anywhere and Errands.

My errands are usually short one off items, such as things I need to do when I visit my parents. Or in one or two cases, Things I want to order next time I go to a particular restaurant. These are all set up with locations in the iphone app so that I can forget about them until I find myself in that location.

My problem is with these items is that they completely clutter up my "Available" perspective, which I refer to to get an overview of my next actions.

Is there a way to keep these location based actions available to me as and when they become relevant, whilst keeping them away from my day to day actions and perspectives? It would be great if they could still show up if they have a due date attached to them.
I may be misunderstanding your situation, but what if you made a perspective that excludes the errands context?

1. Go to context mode. Select the contexts you want in the left sidebar using command click, and not the errands context.

2. Hit the focus button, then make a perspective based on that subset. You could call it something like "available -errands."

This should remove the errands context from the new perspective.

Then, when you don't want to see a view cluttered with errands, just select "available -errands."

Or am I missing something?