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I am a high school student who has recently begun working with GTD (I'm currently working with iGTD while waiting for my OmniFocus alpha invite). Regardless of what you may think, I do have a lot of things to manage in my life outside of schoolwork. In the past I have used the OS X homework application "Schoolhouse" to manage my homework, tests, and school projects, which almost always rely on solid deadlines (if I don't complete tasks by their deadline, I usually cannot complete them later) However, the application is very limiting towards encompassing other aspects of my life. Does anyone have any advice, ideas, or experiences that they could share on using the Getting Things Done system--and OmniFocus specifically--for managing very solid deadlines, and lots of them (i.e. 2-5 new projects every day, and up to a couple dozen tasks, just for the schoolwork). I understand that David Allen's book talks about this, but I'm still waiting for it to arrive from Amazon.