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Thanks for posting those! I've been meaning to do a similar "Next Week" script for some time (maybe next week :rolleyes:) as I have a lot of repeating items set up as a brace of weekly repeats, one for each relevant day of the week. Making lunch for the kid to take to school, making sure he does his homework, etc. As soon as a vacation rolls around, the carefully tuned process goes off the rails and cleaning up is a nuisance. A version of Defer hardwired to do a 7 day delay of both start and due is all it is, I guess.

Have you experimented at all with turning off the auto-save property while the script is running? Curt found it made a big difference in the performance of his Populate Template Placeholders script, and doing so causes OmniFocus to write out one zip file for the entire list of transactions done while it is off instead of one per change, so it lessens the sync workload a bit, too.