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I use flagging as my 'today' marker, I also use dates on due date fields to keep projects coming up regularly. For many topics I don't use any date, and for some the recurring items works brilliantly. I tend to set recurring items up in dedicated projects inside rough project groups.

I can't claim to clear my today list today, things tend to linger for a week, or if they are ongoing projects I keep them there while taking notes in the notes field, and horror of horrors I actually change the wording in the entry as a job evolves.

I guess in that, I'm using flags not as a today list but as a 'very active list', I'd honestly prefer priorities/tags and then just use flags for real burning issues, my system like everyones is a compromise. On my main desktop machine I have changed the flagged perspective to flames and 'get these sorted' text.

I'd like a slightly snazzier GUI but I found Things too pretty and got lost in the 'look' of it, I forced myself to tag stuff and generally overcomplicated it. I liked the old iGTD. OF is the centre of my work-world, currently I have it open permanently on two desktops, a laptop and iphone.

My big project now is to get my wife using OF on her desks.