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This may seem like a small thing, but to me it is not. I don't like that the OmniPresence icon in the top bar is constantly animating if a document needs syncing.

I don't have a constant connection with my WebDAV server, which is my home Mac Server. So every time I edit a file on the go -- or when my Mac is off -- the OmniPresence icon keeps animating...

I find this behavior very distracting, as instead of the focus on my document, my eyes are constantly drawn to the animation. I think the behavior should be changed that it animates for a limited time, then changes into a non-animated single color. Or simply keep the animation confined to the document picker.

I like the iPad as it offers so much serenity and focus. And I can't think of any other app that has this constant attention grabbing animated icon. It is well-intentioned, but sometimes it's not the intention that counts, but the user experience.