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One serious obstacle with this "People" column idea: how would you filter content for a specific person or group of people?

Right now, with people-named contexts, it's easy to focus on just one person or a group by simply selecting them in the sidebar (or Shift-click/Command-click for multiple selections) in Context Mode. It seems like we'd lose that capability with a People column unless there was a new People Mode (in addition to the existing Planning and Context modes) that would list all your people entries in the sidebar, like is currently done with contexts, allowing for nesting and state changes (active, on hold, dropped).

Judging from Omni Group comments in other threads, adding a new view is *not* a trivial thing and would not be taken on lightly. So I think this approach seems unlikely, at least in the near future.

Another option for filtering by people might be to add a new view bar pulldown menu that contains all the peoples' names and is dynamically updated whenever you add/update/delete name entries. I don't know how difficult dynamic updating of a menu's valid set is; we currently have no examples of that in OmniFocus. But another, perhaps more serious, problem is that there'd be no way to select combinations of multiple names simultaneously. The view bar menus, as they work today, allow only a single selection from the valid set.

Unless these issue can be surmounted, I'm not sure a People column would really work for us. Any ideas?