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Sorry if this can already easily be done or has been answered previously, I searched and couldn't find anything.

Anyway, as a student OF has been great, but one thing that I'm constantly doing which has becoming a pest to me for my study-related tasks is having to click on my calendar to see what day of the week some of my due dates are (i.e., "alright, test is on the 18th, is that monday or tuesday?" "have a meeting next thursday, is that the same day as my paper due on the 21st?")

So my question is, is there any way I can have the day of the week displayed alongside or replacing the numerical date, at least for where the due date is displayed, much less anywhere else in the program where dates might be displayed? It's just hassling to look at everything I have due in a list, but having absolutely no idea what days they actually are until I have to check the calendar to look them up, and if it's a long list I'm trying to organize in my head for a quick moment then it's absolutely hopeless for me to have an idea of a glance at my week. That glance turns into a matching game I have to play.

A little thing, but irks me as a big deal. Any help greatly appreciated! Thanks!