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Caveat emptor.

@Benipres: I have no idea. I'm sure Omni has good reasons for making this setting unavailable as a default. Try a reboot and make sure the .plist retained the change (maybe you forgot to save the change). Try clearing out all the backgrounded apps first. Otherwise, I don't know what's going on.

@umeuph: I really don't know how to be more specific. If you've successfully made the mods you listed, I would expect you to have the skills necessary to do a little .plist editing. If you don't know what a .plist is or how to edit one, you probably shouldn't mess with this.

Again, I'm sure Omni left this out for a reason, and I wouldn't want to spite them by posting the how-to on their own forum. They make great products, and I wouldn't want to risk compromising my standing with them.

That said, if they were to post their approval in this thread, I'd be more than happy to do an in-depth walkthrough here.