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I'm syncing 2 Macs and an iPhone. It seems that no matter what I do, within a week or two, I have well over 100 zip files within my OmniFocus document's package.

My understanding is that if I start from shrunken, clean, files and keep all clients pretty regularly synced, the file size should remain reasonable at all times. It's not.

I've run Coalesce Database, started new files, archived old files, rebuilt databases, and updated OmniFocus until a number of cows showed up in my yard. Finally I gave up and drank a lot of beer.

My configuration is as follows:
  • An iMac at work that is turned on and running OF pretty much all the time
  • A MacBook that has OmniFocus open all the time, but is often closed/asleep. It syncs at least a few times a day, minimum.
  • An iPhone that opens OmniFocus every day or two -- less frequently as the sync takes longer and longer.

Is there a way to reliably keep this from happening?