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Hello all... I purchased OmniFocus while it was in beta, used it for a bit, moved on to other task managers and now am back, refreshed and renewed! I have searched the forums and cannot find a good answer to my query, so I am posting a new topic.

I use Mailplane with two Gmail accounts - one work and one home. Within each, I have my regular archive, plus labels @Action, @Waiting and @Read-Review. I use the Labs feature "Multiple Inboxes" to show those three labels below my inbox. When I receive a message, I add the proper label to it and archive. I can then look quickly at Gmail and see what messages are in each. I can also go into a label and "do" or file.

I am just (re)starting out in OmniFocus. I am doing a reboot of GTD with the book and doing the Inbox dump. I am creating contexts and projects and all that.

My query is how to "reconcile" the two systems. If I have a mail message that is Actionable, do I reference that in OmniFocus? If so, do I archive or delete it in Gmail? If I don't reference it in OF, isn't that going against the concept of "one trusted system" that DA talks about?

I guess I am just looking for some guidance, advice and/or best practices for managing email/Gmail and OF. How does it look for you?

Thanks in advance from this noob ;-)