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Hi there,

I've only just noticed, but syncing seems to have run into a major snag in Omnifocus these past couple of days.

Setup is as follows:

I use the webdav services provided by my mail provider, It's been pretty robust and reliable the past half year or so.

I use 3 devices: 2 macbooks, and 1 iPhone. All three now report that they cannot sync, because of the following:

Could not access the webdav location:[obscured]xxxxx/files/private/OmniFocus.ofocus/

When I browse to the file storage, I note that there's now a great many files that contain the zip-write-in-progress bit in their filename.

I assume there's some sort of file locking going on, but restarting the devices didn't help. How do I go about fixing this?

-edit- It appears to be fastmail-related: see this thread over at

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