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I think I might have been over-doing OF for some time.

I don't think that Omnifocus and GTD generally is a bad idea. It keeps everything for me that I need to remember, that's right.

I'll look into it once more and completely simplify my contexts into very rough divisions, without sub-divisions. And for the "contexts" that I want to do analogue I'll just invent another context: "Notebook", so I can organize and flesh out my ideas on paper.

Maybe that's a solution. Omnifocus as an overall structural base, without too much complexity.


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I've never been much of a pure GTD adherent. I don't agree with some of the basic tenents. They don't work for my life.

I have one context - "General"

OF is in some ways overkill for me. I've tried using simpler systems but they are always missing some element of OF that I do like.

I basically have projects and tasks and work from folder related to my various areas of responsibility.

What I do like about OF is the start and due dates, the review process, the conversion of email to task, the structure of projects and tasks, the use of folders.

Paper notebooks wouldn't work as well for me.