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I don't think I would ever want to "program" my life with any task manager.

I don't put all of my tasks into OmniFocus. I usually only put projects and tasks that I am working on and park it there. That way, I won't forget.

But other tasks tasks that are on autopilot like "brushing teeth", "buy groceries every Friday afternoon after work" are all habits. I don't need to remember these things. If I see my gas tank is getting low on gas, I know I'll have to take my car to the gas station. I don't put that in OmniFocus.

It's usually the one-off next actions or big projects that will go into OmniFocus.

The single actions can be worked in context mode. Otherwise, I'll focus hour-long blocks on a single project and work in project mode.

Sometimes my OmniFocus projects and tasks list gets overwhelming or stale. That's when it gets frustrating. Then I know I have to do an overall review. I go through each project and delete all stale projects. Projects can become stale or no longer plays a part in your life because time can change a situation (not an important project to you or to someone tied to you) or you realised that the amount of effort doesn't return a big enough reward to you. Delete those immediately.

Then look at projects that should be handled by someone else who has one or more of the following:

1. the skills, expertise, and/or tools necessary to complete project - sometimes you just don't have the skills or expertise needed to finish. Delegate it to someone else.

2. the time needed to complete project - maybe someone else has more time than you to finish a project.

I would also review a project to see if the tasks have been broken down enough. Sometimes you can write a task that says "clean kitchen." But other times, you might have to break it down into smaller steps such as "buy Pine Sol", "buy mop", "mop floor." You can break down or simplify your projects as needed.

I think it absolutely essential to do a weekly or monthly review to keep on top of things. If you have to many projects staring at you, it's time to reconsider your workload and decide what is really important and what can be delegated. If you have too many projects that just sit there, they'll have no value. Deleting or delegating projects is like decluttering a house. You'll feel much better when you declutter. Things are where they are supposed to be and you know what you really want.

There have been times where I just give it all up and switch to pen-and-paper for a while until I can get my bearings once again. I just write a list of the projects that I want to work on for the week and work from there. when I finish the pen-and-paper list, I'll go back to OmniFocus and look for a couple more projects and single tasks to write down and work from there. Focus on that paper list and don't refer back to OmniFocus until you need to grab some more tasks from the bucket list.

Don't worry about being efficient. It's all about being effective. Learn how to get something done means being effective. Once you figured out the workflow, you can become efficient at something by learning how to streamline a workflow.

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