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After a somewhat similar experience over the past months, I decided to take time away from OF. As an exercise, I have gone instead to free-float mode (do things as in the old days absent any real detailed planning). I also decided to re-develop a better top down view, primarily with mind maps and Kanban boards.

Based on this time away from OF, I suspect that I may soon dump my prior state of OF in to an archive and rebuild my OF workflow from scratch. I think the key to streamline the process from frustration will be to keep out noise that seems to arise from my constant habit to try to build a complete project starting from tasks. Instead, my projects need to start in a mind map + Kanban board and be fleshed out from this point into OF.

As a side, I cannot say that I will dump OF completely. I can say, the ongoing mish-mash of development efforts by Omni across the three platforms and my nagging sense that OF 2 will only give a fancy new UI different on each platform with the same long-worn underlying framework and will be absent some key elements in my workflow do have me thinking that perhaps I really do just need to move on to something else.