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kingfisher and Gardener have hit it right on the nail.

I'd also just use OmniFocus as my all-purpose capture tool. Record potential projects that I want to develop further or work on in the future.

In the morning, I look at OmniFocus and write down on an index card 3 tasks that I want to work on today. Then I'd work on finishing those. Then I'll go back to OmniFocus and check those tasks off as complete. Then I'll look for 3 more tasks to work on next. I don't like to keep OmniFocus visible on my computer. It's too distracting and I might get back into constant planning mode.

As Gardener and kingfisher stated, you control your to-do list. It doesn't control you.

Sometimes, you'll just have to reboot your OmniFocus setup and start from a clean slate.

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