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If you're talking about mailing actions in via the Omni Sync Server, the answer is that you can't do any of what you requested at the moment.

If you have the Mac application, and can leave your computer running when you aren't at it, you do have the option of continuing to use the old approach of email to yourself using either a special subject line or address and having the Mail app (which has to be left running) invoke a script provided by OmniFocus to insert the actions in your Inbox. With that approach, you can specify start and due dates, context, project, and flag status. If you don't have the Mail app running, the actions don't get added to OmniFocus until you next open Mail on your Mac; that may be quite acceptable for some or all of your actions, especially if it is more important to capture all of the information up front than it is to have it appear in OmniFocus as soon as possible. You can use both approaches simultaneously.

For details on the "old" approach, see the help for "Processing Mail messages into actions" in OmniFocus for Mac.