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No, it's not the new Ang Lee film about GTD.

Instead, I'm curious if there's any way to know that a context with an overdue badge is in fact showing hidden actions, and where those actions are hiding. With three filters (actions, duration, flagged), it can sometimes take a few moments to know where my overdue item is.

For example, I have a window showing in the viewbar Context/Due/Available/30 Min/Flagged. It currently show three items, and the sidebar informs me I have one action overdue. Unfortunately none of those three items are the overdue one.

To find that action, I have to change my filters to be as broad as possible (in this case, it's a remaining, no duration, unflagged action, so I have to change all three filters to Remaining/Any/All.

Any suggestions for making this easier? Omni, any plans for improving this behavior?

(Filed as feedback.)