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Each action in OmniFocus can have a note attached to it, and you could certainly put those actions into various groups. If you're strictly looking for note-organizing, though, you may want to look at something like evernote; I have not used it myself, but a fair number of our customers seem to like it. They use evernote for their note-organizing, while using OmniFocus for their action-organizing.
Thanks Brian.

I had a look at Evernote but I don't like the way it doesn't let people save their notes locally. It seems it only stores the notes on the Evernote server so I would be reliant on their servers staying online as well as my being in an area where my internet connection is still available.

To be honest with the way OmniFocus handles the syncing process through MobileMe I'd be very happy if an update to OmniFocus included Notes that could be grouped into sections or folders.

Or even if there was a seperate "OmniNote" or "OmniMemo" app that lets people keep local copies of their notes on their iPhones and Macs, be able to have those notes grouped under headings or folders, and be able to be synced the same ways OmniFocus can be synced. And maybe had a search function. Now that would be a "killer app".

By the way, I bought OmniFocus for the iPhone and the Mac. I'll be checking it out more thoroughly this weekend.

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