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How do you envision this working? A project is just a few tasks, and you keep updating the contexts to reflect progress? Is this a way to track project status, primarily? If that's the case, and you are using OmniFocus' review functionality (if you're not, you should start!), here's an idea that's perhaps less disruptive that you could try out first. Each time you review a project, you make a note of the phase that it seems to be in, based on what you've completed recently and what is ahead in the upcoming actions. Make up a set of keywords so that you can search for them and not get spurious hits from your typical project/action names. Put the keyword for each project's current status in the project's note field, and make a perspective for each keyword that just shows you the projects in that phase, with the project collapsed (obviously, this is a project-based perspective, and the goal here is surveying the landscape, not picking an action to do next). After you've done your review and populated your projects with the current assessment, you can pull up one of those perspectives and see how many projects you've got in the planning stage, or the finishing stage, etc. and make your choices about which projects to emphasize over the coming days (flagging them might be one way to do that). You don't need to disturb your contexts to do this, so there's no big penalty if it doesn't work out. You don't even have to do this with all of your projects.

It probably wouldn't be too difficult to make an AppleScript that would give you a report of how many projects were in each phase (or had an arbitrary keyword in the notes).