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While I love the Siri integration included in the most recent update, I detest the new sorting for contexts.

I used to be able to sort my library and actions by due date in OF on my Mac, sync, and then on my iPhone view a neat and concise list of next actions sorted context and then due date (i.e., by tapping the Contexts option on my iPhone). Now that contexts are sorted by project, I need to scroll through each context list to determine which actions to work on. Additionally, since I have so many projects, there doesn't appear to be an easy way to view my most "urgent" next actions sorted by context. In my view this is a mess.

Is there a simple perspective I can create that will enable me see next actions sorted by context and then due date? I created separate ones for each context on my Mac, but it's not nearly as elegant as the default functionality prior to the upgrade. Hopefully this all makes sense.

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