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Having purchased a 5 license pack to Conceptdraw Pro, I was not happy with
the slowness of the vdx loads. (I could go out to dinner and come back).
Also their latest release I have been working with their support desk. Trial version loaded vdx files fine. I get the latest 6.2.0, and can't load a .vdx file created by their email based converter that converts vsd's to vdx's.

So I was pleased to find the excllent support for Omnigraffle product, and all he user based stencils, but that is not what I need. I need to read visio files,
plain and simple.

Having a heavy Unix background and suffering with Windows, I moved to apple recently because I can get the Unix/S-Server applications, Windows under Parallels when needed, and run the productive cocca interface.

I have found the Mac software, although excellent considered largely the entire OS is supported by "Share-ware". There is very little commercial support compared to MS Windows. So I constantly finding myself "Having to do without" just to have an Apple Macbook pro core2 running Max os/x
very well integrated with Paralles which allows Win XP to un faster than native. But even Macbooks are limited to 3GB. Sad I didn't buy a notebook, drop in 8GB, load Mac oS/X, Parallels, WIn XP, and my Macbook wouldn't freeze shortly after having Mail, Parallels, Win Xp, Safari and ical. I already dumped all my widgets. I think Jobs Apple Macbooks are cirica 1980
computing hardware with a 2007 chipset. Being Intel, can't imagine it should be so hard to run on a more capable platform than a 3GB Max MacBook Pro. How much does the memory decoder chip that can do at least 16GB cost? $1.59 more per Macbook?

Well, and here is my problem with Omnigraffle... I reads visio diagrams.
I am not trying to read complex ones... but one with 8 visio icons (OLE) and the conceptdraw gags on them, as does Omnigraffle. I was impressed by at least onmigraffle came up with a notice and said "Replacing with rectangles".

This is the third erquest for help in how to break out the visio vss stencils so we can convert their icons, and I have yet to see an answer. Worse, I notice all the date on posts here 12/2006, 8/2006. It looks like this product is not supported by the knowing user community, nor the authors.

Too bad... I thought I had hope. The Macbook pro was my work system. I was so impressed, I immediately went out and replaced my 2 year old home notebook with a Macbook pro. Sure glad I have not opened it even yet and I can return it.

I wished to move my global network engineering team to Conceptdraw, then Omnigraffle when I ran in to their very poor support at Odessa.
Guess it is not much better here. :(