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After spending a day with the new version, I have to say...

First of all the new Forecast view is super powerful, in one view you get:
* a count, and quick access to, your past due items

* it shows the number of items due for each day for the next few days (I like that the number only reflects items "due", and not also "start")

* the item counts/badges due near the current day are colored to make them stand out more from the rest of the days

* it shows your calendar events for the day (awesome!!!!!!!)

* you can even view calendar event details!

* you can configure how many hours of the day is displayed in the calendar timeline

* while the header only gives a count of items "due" (which I think is the right choice), it is very easy to jump to a day and see what items are scheduled to "start"


Here are a couple of considerations for improvement (I already emailed them to OG - if you agree, email them too to add your vote):
1. For an event that has the same start and due date, I would prefer to see it listed only once in the forecast task list (in the "due" section, obviously)

2. It might also be useful to slide the header bar to "forecast" out even further into the future

When can I see these features in OmniFocus Mac (beta?) - I can't wait!!!!!!!!
Anderson to be able to sync OmniFocus tasks to OmniPlan...