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I'm running OmniGraffle 5.4.4 (v139.18 r187838). I have a strange alignment issue when exporting to PDF. If everything is lined up properly in the OmniGraffle project, it ends up off by quite a few pixels in the PDF. This doesn't happen with everything, generally just shapes and text (lines are OK, for example), and there doesn't seem to be a standard offset/direction that it adheres to either, it's just sort of random. The following objects are quite small (10 pixels wide), it doesn't seem to be as much of an issue with larger objects.

Here is an example screenshot from the OmniGraffle project:

Here is the corresponding item in the exported PDF:

It's been bugging me to upgrade (for a price, of course). Does anybody know if the upgrade will fix this (or of any other fix for it)?

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