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Is it possible to enter a significant amount of information in a single task in Inbox? When I hit "enter", it thinks I want to start a new item. How do I put in more than 1 line of text?
Hold down the Option key as you hit the key to go to the next line and you'll get a multi-line action. (On my keyboard, it's labeled "return", and the "enter" key does something completely different)

And, is it possible to include hyperlinks to files on my disk?
Yes, there are a couple of ways to do this. One is to use Edit->Attach File... or right-click Attach File... or control-click Attach File... and another is to simply drag and drop from the Finder into the Notes field. The former offers you an explicit choice between linking and embedding the file; the latter links unless you hold down the option key, in which case it embeds.