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> Hold down the Option key as you hit the key to go to the next line

super! is there any way to get the Action to open in a separate window in which I could type text like in a mini-editor?
Well, you can type the text in any editor you like, then copy-paste it into OmniFocus. Just be sure to click in the name field before pasting, or you'll get a new row for each line of text on the clipboard. Most people are trying to avoid what you're trying to do :-)
> simply drag and drop from the Finder into the Notes field. The latter links
> unless you hold down the option key, in which case it embeds.

Excellent. But, I notice that if I move that file (to another folder), it gets confused and can't find it. Looks like it's storing the file's path, not its inode, which is a problem. Is this something that can be worked-around with by the end-user or should I submit a feature request? It would be great if it linked to the file no matter how I moved it around in the file system (I think recording the inode would do it).
Storing the path has the pleasant effect that if you are syncing between multiple copies of OmniFocus, and you have file paths that are identical on multiple machines (a path to a file on a file server, for example), this all works transparently without having to embed the file. Store the files in an orderly fashion (see the OmniFocus Extras forum for some scripts that build a matching hierarchy to your project database) so you don't have to move them, or store them in a heap and don't move them. Or just use spotlight to track them down and relink if you do move.

If you want to make a request for some behavior or feature to be changed, use Help->Send Feedback so that it makes it into the development database.