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Wow spirited debate!

I'm sure that I don't do everything exactly by the David Allen book. And I'm not trying too. Rather, I've taken his principles as a starting point and adapted them to the way I think and do things. So while I certainly appreciate the point that what I'm suggesting is not 100 percent official GTD, that's alright by me.

There are many elements of OF that are very useful that are not part of official GTD. And I'm glad they are there. I'm pretty sure, for example, there is no suggestion of using start dates in your context lists. But glad that it's implemented in OF.

My head wraps around a project MUCH better if I can lay out the steps in it. It seems silly to me to write a list of tasks to complete a project, but then NOT include tasks on that list because they have to occur at a specific time. So official David Allen or not, that's what would work best for me. And it looks like I'm not alone.

For what it's worth, I can ALMOST use due dates and "publish due reminders as a calendar" to accomplish what I want. The only issue is that it only publishes events that will occur in the next 2 weeks, and only for 1 hour blocks.

Thanks guys for your insite. 100 percent by the book or not, if there's anyone else who would find this feature useful, it might be worth chiming in here to let the developers now it's something we want.