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Originally Posted by isam
Isn't there a way to uniquely Id a message, and link back to it more efficiently ? it seems that the "set theMessage to the first message of theMailbox whose message id is theMessageID" is very inefficient (is the slowness from it ?)
Yes, that is the source of the slowness. And yes, there is a way to uniquely ID the message, but only with MailTags installed. Apple does not provide script-based access to arbitrary messages by ID. Trust me on this, I've spent many hours trying various work-arounds.'s AppleScript interface sucks eggs. The "engineers" who built it should be embarrassed.

MailTags costs $29.95. That will buy you fast opening of arbitrary messages by ID, plus a bunch of nice meta-data facilities for Unfortunately, MailTags's fast opening feature does not display messages within their threads. They open in separate windows.

I've personally decided that MailTags is worth the investment. Future versions of my OmniFocus-Mail scripts will require MailTags for link-back. (The previous version without MailTags will also remain available for the foreseeable future.)