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This is bizarre. In a Yahoo group I thought I was reading clearly and normally this morning (June 29), many of the links are now of the form
document.writeln("some text");

It looks right in an older Firefox and Safari as well as one WebKit13632.

For example, go to the public SeattleRobotics group:
Click on the second message listed. When the message is displayed, above it in the light blue shading, you should see:
Message #x of n < Prev | Next >
but instead, I see:
Message #x of n document.writeln("< Prev"); | document.writeln("Next >");

I'm also seeing the titles of posts this way. If you click the Messages link at upper left, you'll see a list of messages. For me, the titles are in function form with a string parameter. So the link is:\%22
instead of:

It looks like OW isn't translating the quote marks correctly. The code at that point in the source is:
document.writeln("<a href=\"/group/SeattleRobotics/message/28131\" ><span>Re: 3kg Robot Sumo</span></a>");

I would have sworn this was working correctly this morning. I've quit and restarted OW. I'm running OS X 10.4.7 (installed yesterday afternoon) and sp16. I'd be happy if this were a transient bizarre bug, but I'm reporting it anyway.