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First, let me say, I LOVE OmniFocus. I love all the Omni tools, truly the best third party tools available on any platform, Mac or Windows. I've been waiting for OmniFocus for some time, and it's great.

There are just a few things I'm still settling into. For example:

I'm experimenting with reoccurring actions. The ideal behavior of this particular action ("Write Morning Pages") would be to repeat every day. Once I have completed that task for the day, I click it to close and it disappears until the next day.

Currently, my default "what should I do next" approach with OmniFocus is to view in Context mode with all Contexts selected. Filter settings are: Ungrouped, Project, Next Actions, Any Duration, and All Flags.

In this setting, I see the "Write Morning Pages" task. I click it upon completion. It immediately reappears, despite being set to repeat in 1, 2, or 3 days. I don't want to see it now, I just finished it. I want to see it tomorrow.

Should I be doing something different to achieve this behavior? Or perhaps could reoccurring tasks automatically be set with start dates calculated from completion date + repeat interval?