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I suppose that must be osx.flashback doing it's thing...

Thanks for the insight! I would like to see OmniFocus for Mac be presenting it's badge as the App Store and Mail are doing.

OmniWeb's Dock Icon Badge in this image is adding insult to injury... Maybe we should start with consistency inside OmniGroup apps and then start implementing the Human Interface Guidelines Recommendation on Badging in the Dock.

Use badging to give users noncritical status information in an unobtrusive way. A badge is a small red oval that appears over the upper-right corner of an app’s Dock icon. For example, iCal displays the number of new events in a badge; when there are no new events, the badge disappears (it does not display 0).

Yes, it will cover the icon. That is the purpose of a badge — just as my name tag is on my uniform and not above it and the mail stamp is on the envelope and not above it. ;-)